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Anonymous asked:

what if zach can't make it due finances? or tells that to frankie as an excuse? ://


There’s literally no way that excuse could pan out. I’m sure Caleb will be paying his own way up to NYC, especially since he’s been the main HG with Pao to take advantage of their limited fame and get some coins from club appearances, but y’all act like that would stop Frankie from wanting Zach there.

If Zach said he couldn’t afford it, y’all know Frankie would be like “I just booked your ticket, you’re coming a week early and then staying with me in my apartment for 3 weeks, make sure your bags are packed, a car will pick you up from your house and at the airport when you land.”

The ball is literally entirely in Zach’s court and whoever else may be trying to intrude or are NYC Broadway trips now considered bad for one’s image? 

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